“Instagram Husband” Goes Viral

“Instagram Husband” Goes Viral December 14, 2015 by Justin McGee Leave a Comment At this point, you’ve already seen “Instagram Husband.” Right? If not, you’ve been living under a rock for the better part of a week. “Instagram Husband” is a parody of our social media culture, making fun of our obsession with taking pictures of… well… everything.Read the full article

Instagram Husband

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall." From the folks at www.themysteryhour.com There are many Instagram Husbands out there, and we want you to know that you are not alone. Find help at www.instagramhusband.com Directed by Jeff Houghton Shot and edited by Brandon Goodwin with Neighbor Studios Featuring: Michelle Houghton Jeff Houghton Emma Chapman Trey George Sarah Jenkins Nate Black Ty Lewis Katie Day Writers: Jeff Houghton Michelle Houghton Chance Nichols Sarah Jenkins Nate Black Katie Day Ty Lewis Shot in Springfield, MO Not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram.