Tis the Season for Re-Gifting: Lessons from holiday commercials on the value of re-purposing content

Every year it feels like Christmas decorations go up earlier. Black Friday email sends are starting to arrive before Halloween, peppy toy commercials appear on every channel and our favorite brands’ social media accounts become a testament to the holidays long before it feels like we are ready. Even in the age of the Internet, when most people’s access to content is at an al ...Read the full article

Folger's Coffee "Peter Comes Home For Christmas" Full Length

Full length version of Folger's extremely long-running "Peter Comes Home For Christmas" commercial. The little girl is probably a grandmother by now!!! Okay, probably not, but she did grow up to be a VERY nice lady! The actors in the ad are as follows: Greg Wrangler (Peter, better known as PEETER!!!) Susan Honey (Older Sister and inspiration to Joey Tribbiani) Kenneth Corey (Father) Colleen Hughes (Younger Sister or the little girl who, led by her older brother, develops a coffee sniffing habit at an early age) Kate Weiman (Mother) Thanks alot. Merry Christmas!

Folgers Christmas Commercial : " Brother & Sister " (2009)

Pretty sure 2009. May be 2008 or 2007. Thanks for watching!

Hershey's Kisses Christmas Commercial

Hershey's Kisses Christmas Commercial

M&Ms Christmas commercial

M&Ms Christmas commercial Disney Cruise Line 2014 http://clickheretogetmoreinfo.com/ Get a Cruise from the Disney Cruise Line Disney Destinations Get more information from Disney to get this latest offer, just click the above link. The M&M Guys meet Santa M&Ms M&M's This is turned into an all-time classic Christmas commercial. They do exist