Repurposing Your Content – 13 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

by Denise Wakeman
You have an editorial calendar and you publish articles on your blog consistently on a regular schedule. Check. Your blog has beautiful social sharing buttons that you can customize and as soon as you publish, you share your blog posts to all your social networks. Check. You use a social media management tool like Buffer, Hootsuite or Tweet Jukebox to queue up and reshare yo ...Read the full article

Repurpose Your Content with Denise Wakeman - WPblab Ep 12 Online visibility expert Denise Wakeman shares a fire hose of tips on how to masterfully repurpose both text and video content and easily turn it into appropriate content for 12-14 platforms. See the full show notes and links mentioned here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to the BlogAid Blab Channel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Stamp 00:00:00 We start out talking about basic content syndication, which is broadcasting that you have a new blog post on your site to various social media accounts. And Denise begins telling us what to do after that, and how content repurposing differs. 00:04:30 Be sure you have share buttons on your site. 00:06:00 Make sure you post first on your own site, as your main point of authority. 00:07:00 Use LinkedIn's publishing platform. You can share the exact same content, but you would likely do better to tweak it for that audience. And, there is no SEO duplicate content penalty for doing this, as tested by folks like SEO expert Mark Traphagen. In fact, you may get even more SEO authority on the post from having it on LinkedIn. You can also post on Facebook's Notes. 00:09:30 Denise has started using CoSchedule's headline analyzer to create better titles. 00:12:00 Posting on other platforms also gives you the opportunity to personalize in another way, or change the way you connect with folks on that platform via that post. 00:13:00 Or you could change the format. You may change the language, or repurpose into audio or video and embed that in the post. 00:14:00 You can create a slideshow, or embed a video into SlideShare. 00:15:00 Examples of all the ways you can use and repurpose a live video show, like this Blab. the live show embed replay on your blog upload to YouTube create SlideShare with YouTube embed embed on LinkedIn published post (LinkedIn has recently added rich media embeds) Strip out (or download) the audio file and post to a podcast 00:18:00 Be sure to download every audio and video you create to your own computer or cloud storage. 00:19:00 Create a transcript that can be used as text on your post, or anywhere you publish. And some folks rather read than watch a video. Can also make it a download that folks need to optin to receive. 00:20:00 Even if you don't have a formal podcast, the audio version of your live video is still great to place on iTunes, which you can syndicate across other podcast directories, like Stitcher, and Google Play. 00:22:00 Posting on other platforms, like LinkedIn, carry more domain authority and may even come up higher in search than the post on your blog, reaching even more viewers. All of this so far, is just from two pieces of content: a blog post, and a live video. That's 11-12 platforms compared to just 1-2 platforms!! 00:23:00 Denise can create a blog post from the bullet points she made for this Blab. (And just look at all the content from these timestamps I have on this post!) We can also make video clips from this Blab that focuses on one point, or answers a specific question. 00:24:00 Using visual platforms to repurpose your content. Story of how Joan Stewart puts tips on Pinterest and Instagram. 00:27:00 Tools to use in this process: Canva to create visuals of all kinds. Snappa is another online tool. Creating templates that retain your branding. 00:29:00 The time-saver of creating less new content and instead spend time tweaking what you have for all these other platforms. 00:33:00 Using your smartphone to create your own photos and background images so you don't have to pay for them. 00:33:30 Daily emails, courses, ebooks, and even more ways to repurpose content. 00:40:00 Questions from the live audience.