The fashion brands that bet on messages of diversity

Amid the fear left in the wake of this fall’s terrorism attacks in Paris and California, some retailers have been caught racially profiling shoppers. Zara apologized after a video uploaded a day after the Paris attacks showed one of its stores there barring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab from entering.Read the full article

Embrace your Muslim shoppers l Digiday

Unfortunately, anti-Muslim rhetoric has seen a recent rise. But for brands that want to be global - you simply shouldn’t exclude an entire demographic, not to mention, one of the largest shopping markets in the world. In 2013, Muslims spent more than 260 billion dollars on clothing and footwear. That number is expected to balloon to more than 480 billion by 2019. So, we’re taking a look at three fashion retailers who are taking an all-inclusive approach and embracing their Muslim shoppers. VISIT us: LIKE us on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW us on TWITTER: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: