Ad Blockers: One Big Distraction from the Real Issue

by Michael Boland
This has been a year of overblown topics. The list includes mobile payments and beacons, both of which are important, but attention to them has been disproportionate to actual adoption due to friction and lack of sufficient user value. On that same measure, the grand prize for overrated topic of the year goes to mobile ad blockers.Read the full article

Ridding the World of Ads

Jimmy explains how advertising evolved into "Sponsored Content".

Mike Boland: Analyst Briefs -- Social Commerce

  • The IAB Calls Ad Blocking 'Highway Robbery' and Ramps Up Its Call to Arms - 21 readers - Scott Cunningham, svp at the Interactive Advertising Bureau and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab, told Adweek after a press conference today that he's been privy to ad-blocking data from major publishers that have recently begun using software that detects ad blocking.