This YouTube channel makes more money from paid subscriptions than YouTube ads

By launching its own $7 a month streaming service in February, Black&Sexy TV will make $1 million in subscription revenue this year. Most people watch Black&Sexy TV on YouTube, where it has nearly 118,000 subscribers. But as a smaller channel, YouTube advertising doesn’t bring in enough to support the type of content that Black&Sexy TV aims to make, which are well- ...Read the full article

RIDER | Series Premiere | 01

► NEXT EPISODE: SUNDAY September 20th ►TWEET US: @blackandsexytv #RiderTheSeries INSTAGRAM ► RIDER is a BLACK&SEXY.TV Production Created by Jeff Oliphant & Ricardo Ultreras Developed by Dennis Dortch & Numa Perrier Starring Jeff Oliphant Written by: Jeff Oliphant, Ricardo Ultreras, + Jamal Dedeaux Directed by: Ricardo Ulteras, Jamal Dedeaux + Rebecca Haze Edited by: Jamila Glass, Rebecca Haze + Tina Cerin Cinematography by: Justin Morrison + Brent Johnson