8 Great Unsubscribe Pages That Will Make You Love Email Again

by Jillian Richardson
When subscribers want to break up with you, it hurts. At one point, they made an effort to sign up for your email, but now they’re unsubscribing, moving on to a different relationship with some other brand that made them feel special. Maybe you were too needy and the magic faded. Worst of all, it’s extremely tough to win them back.Read the full article

HubSpot Email Unsubscribe Video - Dan Sally

Here is an absolutely amazing (and hilarious) email unsubscribe video from HubSpot. I haven't seen anything like this in the wild myself but it obviously makes an impression. Touche guys. This is embedded on the unsubscribe page after you click the link in one of their emails. I couldn't find the video in decent quality available online anywhere I could link to, so here you go. HubSpot, if you'd like me to remove just let me know.

Groupon's Unsubscribe Page

If you unsubscribe from Groupon's email list, you are taken to this page. Kudos to them for infusing a bit of personality, even when people are on their way out the door. Well done.