Content Marketing Tactics: Earned Media Pros, Cons, Examples & Best Practices

For any brand, reputation is everything—and reputations are often built (or torn down) with earned media. From a glowing news article about one of your products to that horrific Yelp review, every brand experiences the benefits and drawbacks of earned media. And in today’s socially connected world, marketers are increasing their use of earned media as a contact marketing tact ...Read the full article

  • How the 'Proud to be macro' Budweiser Super Bowl ad got it all right - 22 readers - In Sunday's Super Bowl, Budweiser ran an ad with a cute puppy being threatened by a slavering wolf, but it was the giant beer company's other ad, which ran in the third quarter, that was the really scary one. In Budweiser’s “Brewed the Hard Way” spot, the brewery took off the gloves and challenged the craft beer industry.