Fuji Xerox Launches New B2B Product With a Fashion Show

“I think the industry in which Fuji Xerox is a very competitive one,” Steven Caunce, Corporate Affairs Manager, Fuji Xerox, said. Aside from the competitive B2B space, “selling print devices to large organizations, it’s not a particularly sexy business to be in, so we’re always looking for different ways to try to engage and motivate our customers.Read the full article

Launching new products in a competitive industry with imaginative campaigns

Companies often find it difficult to set themselves above the rest when unveiling new products in competitive industries. Thinking outside the box and getting outside of the comfort zone can help campaigns become more successful. Steven Caunce, Corporate Affairs Manager, Fuji Xerox, explained how his company ventured into new waters with a campaign to launch one of their newest products, in an interview with Courtney Eckerle, Manager of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, at the MarketingSherpa Media Center at DMA &THEN 2015. Steven will also be speaking at the 2016 MarketingSherpa Summit on February 22-24 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. You can find more information about Summit here: https://www.meclabs.com/training/marketing-summit/marketingsherpa-summit-2016.