Digital Marketing Challenges and Changes 2015: The Best of Stone Temple Consulting

by Mark Traphagen
Here at Stone Temple Consulting one of our primary guiding principles is to be “surfing ahead of the wave” in digital marketing. That’s why we have this big blue wave on the wall of our office common area where we all see it every day. As I look back over our content from this past year, I see many examples of the many challenges and changes that happened in digital marketing in 2015.Read the full article

Google vs. Bing: Which Answers Questions Directly the Best?

Caitlin O'Connell & CEO Eric Enge discuss the findings of the latest Stone Temple Consulting original study: Google Provides Rich Answer Results to 19% of Queries Used in Our Test. Hit the link for more information.

Why is SEO So Hard? - Here's Why with Mark & Eric

In this episode of Here's Why with Mark & Eric, the boys tackle the biggest obstacles of successfully implementing a sound SEO plan for your company. Different higher-ups in a given company will have their own interests and concerns so knowing how to address them is crucial. For all links referenced in the video, see below: Google's Webmaster Guidelines: The Moz Blog: Whiteboard Friday: Search Engine Land: SEO by the Sea: The Digital Marketing Excellence Blog: Eric’s Search Engine Watch Article: