Entrepreneur Struggle – 2015 My Year in Review

by Tammy Hawk Bridges
I shudder as I think about summarizing my year in writing - seeing it there staring back at me. It's scary to rehash. Bottom line, being an entrepreneur is damn hard, crazy wonderful, and terribly frustrating all at the same time. I want to be transparent because I think it's important to show at some point even those of us who teach can "lose their shit". I lost mine in 2015.Read the full article

Internet Marketing: 3 Things You Must Know

http://www.perfectmarketingequation.com/internet-marketing-3-things-must-know/ Internet Marketing – The Vital Facts If you learn anything about Internet Marketing I want it to be these three very important vital facts: 1. It’s not as complicated as you make it out to be. Yes, you can learn about it if you would only stop creating mental obstacles against it. 2. Internet Marketing will fill in revenue gaps and grow your business. 3. If you don’t learn about Internet Marketing, you will at some point in your business fall prey to an Internet marketing snake oil salesman.