10 Regular Job Descriptions, Rewritten by Marketers

What’s the difference between a strategy director, a strategic ninja, and a strategic jedi? Do careers advisors tell students of the merits of pursuing roles as sanitation engineers, mobile sustenance facilitators and and even five a day collection operatives? Eons ago, when I started working for newspapers, writers were called reporters or journalists.Read the full article

  • The ridiculous job titles dreamt up by recruitment consultants

    dailymail.co.uk - 4 readers - Call centre employees can now describe themselves as communication executives while window cleaners are now better known as 'transparency ­enhancement facilitators'.

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    smallbusiness.chron.com - 6 readers - Smart business owners know the best marketing strategy is often the one that is most likely to produce quick results. In marketing, low-hanging fruit refers to those consumers who are easiest to ...