Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 8, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Google Penguin Status, Ranking Tests, SEO Extortionist Jailed & AOL Search Powered By Bing - This week in search, I covered a couple of status updated on Google’s Penguin 4.0 launch. I also shared some ranking changes being seen at Google, are they tests? I talked about the January Google webmaster report. An extortionist used SEO tactics and it landed him in federal prison for 37 months. Google updated their crawl errors report for apps finally. Google said you can expedite your robots.txt update in the Search Console. Google said self signed SSLs are mostly invalid. But the HTTPS ranking boost is only based on the URL being HTTPS. Google said decimal points in the URL are not good. Google said do not worry about duplicate content when merging sites. Google said featured snippets do not lead to less traffic and I have my own featured snippets. Matt Cutts shared old pictures of his notes on the Google PageRank algorithm. AOL Search is powered by Bing now. I had my office captured by a Google Trusted Photographer, it was cool. Gary Illyes from Google shows his 75% score on the SEO test. Google’s John Mueller was helping SEOs on New Years. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: Still No Release Date For Penguin 4.0 : Will Google Release Penguin 4.0 In January 2016? Gary Hasn't Seen It Yet. : Google Testing New Search Ranking Algorithms In The Wild? : Was There A Google Update Yesterday: I'm Not Too Sure. : January 2016 Google Webmaster Report : SEO Extortion Lands An SEO In Federal Prison For 37 Months : Google Crawl Errors For Apps Report Now Updated In The Search Console : Google: You Can Expedite Processing Of Your New Robots.txt File : Google: Self-Signed SSL Certificate Won't Work For HTTPS Ranking Boost : Google: HTTPS URLs Even That Aren't Valid Still Get Ranking Boost : Google: Decimal Points In URLs Are A Bad Idea : Google: Don't Worry About Duplicate Content When Merging Multiple Sites Into One : My Feelings On Google Showing Features Snippets For My Site : Google: Featured Snippets Don't Result In Less Search Traffic : Matt Cutts Shares His Raw Notes On The Google PageRank : AOL Search Now Powered By Bing : My Experience With Google Inside Street View Trusted Photographer : Test Results: Gary Illyes From Google Is An Amateur SEO : John Mueller Helping Webmasters On New Years With Google Questions :

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