How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Search

Lately, Google has been putting a lot of emphasis on YouTube and how users are using it during Video Micro-Moments. Therefore, businesses should put some priority on optimizing their existing and upcoming YouTube videos for search engines. Why is Video Optimization important? Google is showing videos more frequently within the search engine results page; therefore, if you want ...Read the full article

How to make a Paper Airplane: BEST Paper Planes in the World - Paper Airplanes fly far | Grey

How to make a good paper airplane: Paper planes, paper airplanes that fly far. How to make the best paper airplane in the world. After various science experiments and countless hours of paper folding I was able to create the paper airplane shown in this instructional video. I name it "Grey". I care about your thoughts. Please give me your feedback. All my videos are self-produced: Besides creating the shown origami I do the filming, editing... simply working on every single aspect, all on my own: I am a one-person video-creator. Please do your contribution to keep this channel alive: Support my channel by liking, commenting and sharing my videos. That really has an impact and means tons to me. Also it helps me creating more paper planes. Thank you! I am soo happy to have you here! Subscribe - New video every Thursday: ►◄ Paper airplanes fly far if they are folded precisely and thrown correctly. So get familiar with the following instructions to make HERE the best paper airplane it can be. Folding: Watch in 1080p HD on a big screen. Process all steps mentally before you fold. Pause this video after every fold. All folds have to be symmetrical. Still having problems? Ask someone older for help. Throwing: Keep in mind that you experience the best flights on dry and windless days. Paper is susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind. Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, all paper planes must also be held and thrown correctly. A good grip position is often the center of gravity. However, try different grip positions to experience the best result. Throw this paper plane in different angles and intensities. Better Instructions: ►Grey+:◄ Paper Size: Use A4 - 80 g/m². Safety Note: Throw this paper airplane only when there is nobody in range to avoid damaging collisions. ;) ✖ What is your level? ✖ » Level 1 - Origami Youngling: » Level 2 - Origami Padawan: » Level 3 - Origami Creaser: » Level 4 - Origami Master: ✖ Follow for News ✖ » Facebook: » Tumblr: » Instagram: » Twitter: © Copyright 2013-2033 Mahir Cecen. All rights reserved.