7 Ways to Be Extra Good to Your Subscribers

by Pam Neely
Your email subscribers are one of the most valuable assets your business has. It pays to be good to them. We say that a lot, but what are some concrete ways to reward your subscribers for their time and attention? Here are a few ideas on how to do exactly that. 1) Add content to your email updates that’s not available anywhere else.Read the full article

Joe Pulizzi on Epic Content Marketing [Webinar]

✔ Start your free, no risk, 30 day trial. http://bit.ly/JoePulizzi_Try_GR_Free In this webinar, Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, reviews the latest content marketing research, and then dives into the five essentials for marketers in 2015. The webinar includes: ✔ Setting proper goals for your content marketing program ✔ Creating a content marketing mission statement to drive your business. ✔ Focusing on subscribers over likes and fans. ✔ Developing an influencer program to acquire new subscribers. ✔ Jumpstarting your content marketing program with partnerships