Get More Value Out of Your TV Ads: Incorporate Search

by Laura Kane
In 2015, a 30 second Super Bowl TV ad cost 4.5 million dollars (Source: Syrcause). What’s the ROI in that? Despite the exorbitant cost and lack of clear-cut metrics to measure the value of a prized Super Bowl ad spot, big brands continue to pay the high price every year. There are certainly benefits to having your brand featured during one of the most anticipated and watched ...Read the full article

2013 Official Super Bowl Commercials ( Budweiser - The Clydesdales)

Enjoy the best commercials of 2013 Super Bowl online. This is a Budweiser commercial about training a horse to pull the Budweiser carriage. The horse remembers the trainer and runs to see him... FeaturedBestVideos Our purpose is to collect the best of the TV commercials to one place. We don't decide which video is the best, you do. We don't charge these companies for advertisements nor accept any contributions or gifts from them. Please enjoy the emotional ride of modern advertisement .

Squarespace Super Bowl 2015: Om -

Jeff Bridges wants you to get better sleep. That's why he made his Sleeping Tapes album, and built ( on Squarespace ( No matter what your idea is, build it beautiful with Squarespace.

DORITOS Commercial (Superbowl 2010)

Liberty Mutual Insurance TV Commercial – Accident Forgiveness and New Car Replacement (2014)

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, our standard auto policies come with features like Accident Forgiveness and New Car Replacement. View more TV spots here: Learn more about everything that comes standard at

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