Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 15, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Google Core Ranking Update, Panda Rolls In, Bing’s New Logo & Google Dance Returns - This week will be named Panda week, as we covered tons of topics on Panda. But first, there was a core ranking update this weekend, which we spotted late last week, as you know. Google still didn’t launch the Penguin update, yet. Google Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm, and we dug into what that means. Google said the core update over the weekend didn’t have any Panda signals in it. Google said the Panda scores are still not generated in real time. Google said Panda should run more frequently and regularly now but webmasters will not likely notice them. Panda is still manual but also automated, the difference is, it seems to make it easier for Google to maintain but webmasters won’t notice a difference - since they said there is essential no difference. Google seems to be having hacked sites show up in their search results more. Google’s top 10 results have about 25% of the results with HTTPS. Google Cache is testing going HTTPS for HTTPS results. Google Maps has a new way for users to edit the results. Google AdSense launched a new optimization tab. Bing is testing a speed test widget in their search results. Bing launched a new teal green/blue logo with a capital B. Google brought back the Google Dance, which will be at SMX West this year. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Special Report: Massive Google Fluctuations Continue; Is It Penguin? : Google Confirms: Core Search Ranking Update Took Place But Not Penguin Related : Wow: Google Panda Is Now Part Of Google's Core Ranking Algorithm : Google: Panda Is Part Of Core, But The Weekend's Core Update Didn't Have Panda In It : Google Panda Score Are Not Generated In Real Time : Google's John Mueller: I Suspect Panda Updates Will Be More Regular & Faster : Google: Webmasters Likely Won't Notice Future Panda Updates : Google: Panda Both Manual & Automated But Data Roll Out Unaffected : What's The Diff Google? Now That Panda Is Part Of The Core Algorithm? : Google: Nothing Has Changed Now That Panda Being Part Of Core Ranking Algorithm : More Hacked Content Showing Up In Google Search Now??? : Moz Report: HTTPS Makes Up 25% Of The Top Google Search Results : Google Cache Goes HTTPS : New Google Maps Suggest Edit Screen : New Google AdSense Optimization Tab : Bing Adds Speed Test Widget To Search Results : Bing's New Logo: Green With Capital B : Google Brings Back The Google Dance :

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