3 Ways for Agencies to Sell More Clients on PPC

by Erin Sagin
I recently partnered up with Elliott Reid from our sales team to do a webinar for agencies on what you need to know to win more PPC business. Elliott is our resident agency expert – he has over three years’ experience helping agencies acquire new clients and has spent two years coaching and managing a team of eight to help agencies manage PPC accounts, working with digital agencies of all sizes.Read the full article

What You Need to Know to Win PPC Business

Two of our veteran PPC consultants will reveal the strategies you need to adopt in order to win new business to grow your agency and keep clients HAPPY. Join the webinar to learn: -How to frame initial conversations to position your agency as a necessity, not a luxury -How to demonstrate the value of PPC in ways that align with clients’ objectives -How to prove you’re the best agency for prospective clients -How to define deliverables and report on them clearly in a way clients understand