Butterfinger Goes #BolderThanBold With Billy Eichner In New Super Bowl 50 Teaser Ad

by Amy Gesenhues
In December, Butterfinger was one of first brands to announce it would be airing a spot during this year’s Super Bowl game. Today, the company released a new teaser ad for its #BolderThanBold Super Bowl campaign, this time featuring comedian Billy Eichner. The 30-second “The Motorcross Jump” spot has an absurdist comedy bent, with Eichner singing alongside a motorcross bike ...Read the full article

The Motocross Jump | BUTTERFINGER | Bolder Than Bold Big Game Teaser w/ Billy Eichner

There’s no wrong place to satisfy the bolder than bold desire for a crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery treat. Even if that place is full of piranha-bots. Find out what makes a motocross biker #BolderThanBold in a daring jump, featuring Billy Eichner. And make sure to tune in during the third quarter of the Big Game for an even bolder adventure.

Butterfinger's #BolderThanBold Moves with Billy Eichner & Terrell Owens

Billy Eichner hit the streets with pro football star Terrell Owens, known for some of the boldest touchdown dances of all time, to ask New Yorkers and unsuspecting tourists to show off their #BolderThanBold moves! To stay up to date on the latest #BolderThanBold action, check out www.Facebook.com/Butterfinger and www.Twitter.com/Butterfinger