Social Media Campaign Planning Guide – The Rocket Formula

by Ian Cleary
Not planning for your social media campaign can be a disaster for your business. A social media campaign can deliver great results. It can also deliver really poor results and waste your money. What causes them to fail? Not using cat videos… ha ha… Ignoring cat videos, what really causes them to fail? Planning.Read the full article

Facebook Advertising: How To Use Retargeting Like A PRO

Are you wanting to learn how to use Facebook retargeting like a PRO? Watch this short video to learn everything you need to know to get your Facebook advertising retargeting campaign up and running. DOWNLOAD our proven Facebook ad templates by clicking on this link right here - 0:19 - Getting started with retargeting 0:29 - Creating your audience 0:44 - Where to place your custom audience pixel 1:10 - Custom audience types you can use for retargeting 2:05 - Want our PROVEN Facebook ad templates? ========================================­=== Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Channel for More Videos: ======================================= Digital Marketer Facebook: Twitter: ======================================= Facebook Advertising: How To Use Retargeting Like A Pro