How to Conversion Rate Optimize Your Management Style

Why is it that every time a company needs to increase conversions, they immediately start tampering with the product, website, or marketing strategy? We see this the most with SaaS startups. Investors aren’t happy with revenue one month, so everyone stops what they’re doing so they can “optimize the customer journey for increased sales.Read the full article

Vistage Webinar | Execution - The Missing 98% for Business Success According to research conducted by Harvard Business School, 90 percent of all strategies fail due to poor executiion. Execution is the major role of the business leader, and is about getting things done through others, not yourself. If you're not getting the results you want, your revenues have stagnated, or you're feeling over-worked because your team is not carrying enough of the load, then it is time to examine the core of the issue, by taking a hard look at your team's ability to follow your leadership. Simon Mundell will share in his Webinar some surprising and important research that is vital to every business owner and CEO, on how to engage your employees with attainable priorities that yield successful results. He will share his strategic action points on achieving impressive and documented growth through across-the-board accountability and calculated objectives. He will also provide a fresh perspective on developing a strategy that engages everyone in your organization to execute your plan and adopt your motivation as the primary focus.