The Beginner’s Guide to Find Keywords that Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Some people get a lot of traffic from search engines while others hardly get any search traffic. I know how frustrating it is to see your website die with lack of traffic. Are you wondering why your site is not getting enough traffic from Google even though you are writing great content? If you are one among them, this detailed guide is for you where I’m going to discuss ab ...Read the full article

Full Contact and Discoverly Gmail Extensions for Chrome Gmail has two Chrome extensions that will let you see social media profiles of those who contact you. In this video I cover Full Contact extension for Chrome and Discoverly Extension for Chrome. Here are some of the social profiles I can see: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Klout Pinterest With Full Contact I can also: Start a Google Hangout Add to my Contact list Make notes Add Tags Discoverly also works outside of Gmail when you are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These extensions can help with influencer outreach as well. This video was recorded on Blab. JOIN MY LIVE BLABS Subscribe to this channel Give this video a Thumbs Up! Connect with me on Twitter