Preserving and celebrating Black history, arts and culture

Growing up, my parents were daily reminders of the sacrifices made by earlier generations of Black Americans to give people like me the opportunities they were denied. To this day, their stories propel me to continue the fight for justice. I am far from alone—reflecting on a shared history inspires millions around the world to work toward equality.Read the full article

The Resurgence of Jazz In New Orleans

To experience the tour in VR (virtual-reality) or 360 format, view through the YouTube app on a smartphone. The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra creates Jazz to enhance life, transform place, and elevate spirit. Join NOJO artistic director Irvin Mayfield in conversation with Soledad O'Brien at the Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market and on Bourbon Street to hear about the resurgence of Jazz in New Orleans and watch a performance with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra playing "Get the Bucket" by Jelly Roll Morton. Find out more about the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at or to learn more about Google Expeditions by visiting