Drowning in a $77-Billion Sea: Why Your Mobile App Needs a Demo Explainer Video

By 2017, over 268 billion app downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue, according to Entrepreneur. Those numbers are huge, and neither of them is terribly surprising. Moreover, though $77 billion worth of revenue can sound like a blessing, it's actually much more of a curse. After all, the app marketplace is crowded. And even the best app can get lost in the sea.Read the full article

iOS Runtastic App Preview


International Calls Made Easier With WhizXpress | Wyzowl

http://www.wyzowl.com Need to make international calls, but without all those exessive charges, or an internet connection? WhizXpress means you can make unlimited international calls, even to non-WhizXpress users.

Birdhouse: A notepad for Twitter

Birdhouse is a simple, well-designed iPhone app for capturing your ideas, saving them for later, and publishing when ready. http://birdhouseapp.com