3 Resources to Help Beginners Become Professional Content Marketers

by Stefanie Flaxman
“Da” was the first pronoun I used to refer to myself as a small child. I think I was trying to say “I,” but I overcomplicated the word. At any rate, whenever I encountered a new or challenging task — like growing human beings do — I would say out loud: “Now how Da do dis?” (Translation: How do I do this?) It became a running joke in my family, and it’s a phrase I still use today.Read the full article

Trio - Dadada - Top of the Pops - 8th July 1982

Trio mime their way through the English version of their classic hit. A golden moment in TV history - it has everything you'd expect of 1982: A Casio VL1, a chain smoking guitarist, a robotic dancer and an audience of teenagers who have quite clearly been cajoled into being a piece of kinetic performance art by a TV producer on zero budget. Lifted from my the first VHS cassette I owned. Quality is still good.