Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: February 5, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Amit Singhal To Retire, Google Japan Penalties & Family Reunited Via Google - This week in search, Amit Singhal, the head of Google search, has announced he is retiring this month from Google after 15+ years. Google Japan issued link penalties to a Japanese link network. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report. Google launched a troubleshooter tool in the Google News Publisher Center. Google’s John Mueller posted an FAQs on migrating from HTTP to HTTPS. Google added JSON-LD support for reviews and product structured data markup. Google said local reviews are not a web search ranking factor. Google said 302 redirects can and do pass PageRank. Google said keywords in the URL are a small ranking factor. Search for face or pint in Google and you get Facebook and Pinterest. Google is showing Facebook results for featured snippets. Google said the Fetch As Google feature only works for the web index. Google is testing a trusted verifier program for local data. I did a Q&A interview with former Googler, Pedro Dias on the SEO community. Google has helped a family reunited after 60 years! That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Amit Singhal, The Head Of Google Search To Retire But Why? : Google Japan Issues Link Network Penalties : February 2016 Google Webmaster Report : Google Launches Troubleshooting Tool In News Publisher Center : Google's FAQ On HTTP To HTTPS Migration : Google Officially Adds JSON-LD Support For Reviews & Products Structured Data Markup : Google: Local Reviews Are Not A Web Search Ranking Factor : Google: 302 Redirects Pass PageRank : Google: Keywords In URLs A Very Small Ranking Factor : Google Showing "Including Results For" Feature For Navigational Queries : Should Facebook Be A Source For Featured Snippets? : Google: Fetch As Google Only For Web Index : Google Trusted Verifier Program For In Person Business Verification : Q&A With Pedro Dias, Former Googler, On The SEO Community : Google Helps Family Reunite With Lost Nephew After 60 Years :

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