Want a Tesla? Watch What You Blog

Let me begin by stating the obvious: Tesla is a really cool luxury car. It makes the electric car something that you don’t shelling out some serious money to get. When you see one of the road, it’s practically impossible to ignore. But if you’re a blogger with about $80,000 to spend a Tesla (and, let’s be honest, you’d have to be a pretty successful blogger to be in that part ...Read the full article

Elon Musk launches Tesla Model X (2015.9.29)

Elon Musk debuts the long awaited Tesla Model X at a special launch event held at Tesla's Fremont factory in front of lucky owners and members of the media. Elon unveils more details about the falcon wings opening mechanism which includes an innovative sonar sensor that goes through metal. Overview: 00:00. Tesla’s mission 01:00. Safety & air safety 11:44. Automatic doors & falcon wing doors 15:50. Falcon wing door demo - tight parking 21:50. Towing & storage capability 25:09. Performance specs 26:00. Model X handover to first gleeful customers Date: September 29, 2015 Elon was 44 years old