How to Create Blockbuster YouTube Channel Success in Any Niche--No Matter How 'Boring'

"My niche is so boring," complained a mortgage and family-finance consultant at a conference. I looked at him at disbelief, and not just because he was the business owner. After all, not everyone gets to be in a business where emotions run high and decisions affect the rest of your life. Some people sell bus tickets. Or toilet paper.Read the full article

The Period Fairy is a women's health company dedicated to helping women and girls navigate all stages of life. To download the Clue App visit: Production Company: Senza Pictures Written by Sara Saedi Produced by Brandi Savitt Casting by Wulf Casting Music by Found Objects Director of Photography: Mark Schwartzbard Editor: David Fishel Art Director: Ally Nesmith Costume Designer: Deirdra Govan Sound Mixer: Wil Masisak Production Coordinator: Julia Brady Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Levine Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Stern Gaffer: GT Womack Key Grip: Ben Hunt Swing/Driver: Joe Chiofalo Set Costumer/Tailor: Olivia Fuks Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Theis Assistant Camera: Noelle Kandigian Boom Operator: Matt King Assistant Art Director: Nelson Mestril Production Assistant: Jordan Floyd Cast Lillian: Amina Alzouma Cupid: Robby Johnson The Tooth Fairy: Stewart Hamilton Santa: Alfred Rosenblatt Dr. Sullivan: Diane Love The Real Period Fairy: Melanie Debernardis Reenactment Period Fairy: Kathleen Culler Young Girl: Anya Splittgerber

The Whirlpool Every day, care™ Anthem

The small acts of care we provide our families every day may seem insignificant and often feel like a chore. But at their core, every act of care we give helps the people we love become people who love – and that helps make our world a better place. It’s time we acknowledge the value of caring for the ones we love. Share with a loved one or caregiver in your life. #EveryDayCare Official Site: Follow @whirlpoolusa on Twitter: Follow @whirlpoolusa on Instagram: Facebook:

Toilet Sound Blocker Prank | Charmin Silencer

Introducing the newest product to the Charmin line-up, the Charmin Silencer! Our scientists worked for years to develop a device to hide those sounds we all make while we go. With six preset sounds, one random button, and 120 decibels of sound, it will block out any noise you're worried you might make. Press as many times as you need because Charmin's got your back, and your bum, to help you keep your dignity! Enjoy the Go with Charmin! Subscribe to our channel: Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Google+! This video introduces the Charmin Silencer, a sound blocker to hide the noises you make in the bathroom.

Life & Times - Union Station Art Segment - Public Art at Metro Union Station, Los Angeles

Life & Times - Union Station Art Segment / Los Angeles (Calif.) : KCET Televsion, 1996. A segment produced by KCET-TV in 1996 centered on the various forms of public artwork found at the recently reopened Metro Union Station passenger terminal in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Compact Storage Lawn Mower -- Toro Recycler with SmartStow

Introducing the Toro Recycler mower with "SmartStow" -- a mower that delivers unmatched cutting performance, ease of use, and reliability, then stores away unlike any mower you've ever seen before! Toro's unique SmartStow vertical storage design allows this Recycler mower to fold up in three easy steps -- just turn the locking knobs to the "unlocked" position and fold down the handle, then set the knobs back to their locked position, and tilt the mower upright to store!! The Toro Recycler with "SmartStow" can be tucked neatly out of the way, making more space for cars and other items that also need room in your garage. No other mower on the market offers this much performance and versatility in one package! SmartStow is enabled by the breakthrough Mow 'N' Stow engine technology by Briggs & Stratton. The "Mow 'N' Stow" engine features include a "no weep" carburetor, a unique fuel tank design, new seals, gaskets, and o-rings, and a new high oil fill tube This allows the Toro Recycler with SmartStow to be stored vertically, reducing the storage footprint needed by up to 70%* The Recycler® Cutting System helps you mow like a pro. The front throw chamber and Atomic blade lift, suspend and re-cut clippings into fine mulch for an environmentally friendly, healthy and lush-looking lawn. This mower also offers steel construction, variable speed drive and a large 22-inch cutting deck. All Toro Recyclers provide three-in-one performance. The quick-change lever allows you to quickly go from side discharge or mulching to bagging. Bags come on and off easily with our one-piece handle design. For more information go to Count on it.

Andrea: Meet Our Flavor Gurus | Ben & Jerry's

Meet Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru: Andrea Ball. Travel is in her blood, and she works launching unique ice cream flavors around the world. Learn more:

Join The Climate Movement! | Ben & Jerry's

2015 is a critical year for climate change. Later this year, leaders from around the world will gather in Paris, France for the UN Climate Summit— a meeting we hope will produce a concrete agreement to keep global warming in check. We are encouraging our fans in more than 35 nations to take action and band together with the millions of citizens from around the world who are demanding real action on climate change. Join us and our partner Avaaz, by adding your voice to the petition calling on world leaders to keep global temperate rise under 2 degrees Celsius by shifting to 100% clean energy by 2050.

The Dancing Bear | Charmin Bathroom Break

You will be dancing too after using Charmin toilet paper. The Charmin bear knows the perfect time to enjoy the go is during football commercials. Enjoy the go! Watch recent Charmin videos here: Watch more Charmin commercials here: Subscribe! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Google+! This video is a Charmin toilet paper commercial featuring the dancing bear.