Do You Suffer From a Fear of Duplicate Content?

by Denise Wakeman
How do you feel when you see or hear the phrase “duplicate content?” Do you feel a little anxious and wonder what will happen if your site is penalized for duplicate content? Maybe your site gets shut down or it gets deindexed by the search engines and no one can find you online anymore. Since you’re reading this article, I’m willing to bet you don’t engage in any “black hat” SEO practices.Read the full article

Visibility Tip | Repurposed Content vs. Duplicate Content | Visibility Tip from Denise Wakeman In this excerpt from an interview about repurposing content, MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid, and I discussed an example of using LinkedIn Publishing. We answer the question about whether you get penalized when you republish your blog post on LinkedIn. Learn more about repurposing your content here: Contact Denise Wakeman at Join the Online Visibility Challenge at