3 Online Marketing Strategies for Companies Big and Small

Marketing has changed significantly over the years due to digital and online advertising. We used to receive advertisement on “hard-copies” such as newspapers, magazine and pamphlets. Then came “soft-copies” such as emails, RSS Feeds, online yellow pages, but now it’s “smart-copies” such as search engines, social media and apps.Read the full article

  • How To Build a Facebook Fanbase By Monday

    forbes.com - 27 readers - Social networks truly reflect the broad diversity of cultures out there in society so when someone tells you how to do good Facebook or good Twitter you have to stop and ask - who am I doing this for? And finding that audience is part 1 of the plan to boost your fanbase this weekend.

  • Google Q1 Earnings: Ad Revenues Post Growth Once Again

    forbes.com - 30 readers - . Google's operating income from continuing operations increased marginally by 3% to $4.40 billion. Operating profit was impacted by increases in R&D and SG&A spending. The markets reacted positively to the results as the stock was up by 3% in the aftermarket trading hours. Pricing pressure on online ads resulted in a 7% year-over-year d...