Convert Your Skimming Visitors to Addicted Blog Readers

Blog readers can be very fickle – with so many distractions around, why should they read your blog? Do people even care about your blog posts? You put in your heart and soul to create and publish a powerful piece but each time, it’s tantamount to shouting your words in an abyss. One of the scariest parts of web analytics to look at is your site’s bounce rate, especially if i ...Read the full article

Carmine Gallo, Communications Coach - LeWeb'13 Paris - The Next 10 Years - Plenary1 Day2

The 3 Unbreakable Laws of Communication The ability to communicate ideas persuasively is the single greatest skill that will help bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders accomplish their dreams in the next ten years. Carmine Gallo--Communication Coach, columnist, and bestselling author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Talk Like TED—will showcase inspiring communicators and reveal the new science to help you sell your ideas more successfully than you've ever imagined.