Steps You Can Take to Speed up Your Blog and Get Exceptional Results

Not too terribly long ago, we covered an article about 16 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog – Infographic by Cent M. First, let’s review and take a deeper look at that valuable list. Then, we are going to expand on what the Infographic presents and point out some actionable steps that you can take.Read the full article

Tutorial: How to Set-Up Your Website on Incapsula

For more information about Incapsula, go to Setting up your website on Incapsula is an easy, two-step process. You can protect your website against online threats like DDoS and Hackers in as little as a few minutes. Through an application-aware, global content delivery network (CDN), Incapsula provides any website and web application with best-of-breed security, DDoS protection, load balancing and failover solutions—available as standalone services or as an integrated solution.