Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: February 12, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Google Polish Spam, Link Command Dies, SEO Certification & Bing Ads Reporting Bug - This week in search, we saw some reports of mobile Google search results fluctuations. Google said a spike in crawl rate does not signify an algorithms update is coming. A polish hacker is wrecking havoc on webmasters there, by stealing their Google results. Google has their spam team on it now. Google issued tons of spammy structured markup manual actions because of recipe plugins. Google said their link operator is not dead but it seems like it is dying. Google Knowledge Graph edits happen super fast. Google won’t provide SEO certification, sorry. Google said App Install button engagement is way low. Bing Ads has a very embarrassing reporting bug this week. Google automated blocking three of the top fraud botnets this week. Google will officially stop supporting Flash ads. Google AdWords revamped their automated bidding workflow. Google AdWords now has 24 hour support for AdWords over social media. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Mobile Algorithm Tests Underway? : Google: Crawl Rate Increases Are Not Related To Algorithm Updates : Google Investigating Polish Hacker Who Is Stealing Webmaster Rankings : Google Spam Squad On Polish Hacker's Trail Over Vapor URLs : Google Spammy Structured Markup Manual Actions Spike Due To WordPress Recipe Plugins : Google: We Did Not Remove The Link Command/Operator : Google Knowledge Graph Edits By Owner Happen Quickly : Google: We Aren't Going To Provide SEO Certification : Google App Indexing App Install Button Engagement Very Low : Bing Ads Reporting Data Outage Begins Restoration : Google Automated Blocking Of Top Three Fraud Botnets : Google Drops Flash Ads Completely For HTML5 Ads : Google AdWords Revises Automated Bidding Workflow ; Google Adds 24 Hour Support For AdWords Via Social Media :

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