Behind the Scenes of the Will It Fly Social Media Strategy

by Pat Flynn
Now that we’re two weeks after the launch of Will It Fly?, I’m stoked to be able to share even more details with you about how it was all put together. Coming in March, you’re going to see a massive post with all of the ins and outs of every part of the process, but in this post, I wanted to do a couple of things for you: 1) Share the social media strategy we used, which playe ...Read the full article

Will It Fly by Pat Flynn - What it's About and How Can it Help You?

My new book, Will It Fly, launches on February 1st! In this video, as I walk you through the various parts of the San Diego Air and Space Museum, I explain why I wrote this book, what's all inside, and what's different about it from all of the other business books out there. Grab your copy today at:

Pat Flynn's Will It Fly Book Launch Party!

On February 1st, at 9:00am PST (Noon EST) I’ll be throwing a little party to celebrate the launch of my new book, Will It Fly! We’ll have special guests, giveaways, and you’ll be able to ask questions about the book (or anything else) while you’re there!