Should a Company Have a Soul?

Much of the Republican debates have been expendable theatrics, but I watched this weekend’s follies from South Carolina anyway. And one thing has struck me: The ads are starting to get better. This season’s debates have had the highest ratings of any recent Presidential race, and they’re attracting some serious corporate sponsorship.Read the full article

The Answer is Simple. The Answer is SAP HANA Can a business have a mind? Predict the future? Can a business be alive? It’s simple. The answer is SAP HANA. The breakthrough in-memory platform built to help your business run simple. Can a business have a mind? A subconscious. A power to store every experience, and call upon it through something called intuition. Can a company have reflexes. A nervous system. The ability to react, precisely and correctly, faster than the speed of thought. Can an enterprise have a sixth sense. A knack for predicting the future. Can a business have a spirit? Can a business have a soul? Can a business be…alive? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE. THE ANSWER IS SAP HANA