Basic SEO training: product page optimization

by Marieke Van De Rakt
If you’re a webshop owner, you’d like your visitors to click that ‘Buy’ button on your product page. In our Basic SEO training we teach you how to optimize the usability and conversion of your product pages. In this Basic SEO training video fragment Thijs shows an example of a good product page and explains what’s so great about it.Read the full article

Conversion Optimization: product page optimization

In our Basic SEO training, we explain about product page optimization. “So let me give you an example of what I think is a good product page. As you can see here, there’s a big image of this product. It’s a barbecue that’s being sold online. There’s also a pretty big call-to-action, it’s orange so it stands out in the design. And what I like most about this, is that the images they have on this page are really clear. There are images from every angle, images of people in context of the product (people using the product). You can really see the product well and get a feeling for it.”