Study: Do Branded Web Series Actually Work?

by Celine Roque
It’s February, which means that you’ve probably already given up on your New Year’s resolution. Not so with the characters of NikeWomen’s new YouTube show, Margot vs. Lily. The series follows two sisters who made a New Year’s bet to see whether the sedentary sister could create a YouTube fitness channel with 1,000 subscribers while the other, whose life is already dedicated to ...Read the full article

Our food. Your questions. Does McDonald’s use real eggs?

Why is the egg in the Egg McMuffin round? Is it sliced from a roll? Are the eggs even real? Prompted by a question from a McDonald’s skeptic, Grant Imahara heads to Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, an egg supplier for McDonald’s USA, to find the real story about our eggs. Watch and discover if McDonald’s eggs are real. Are your eggs real? Do you use freshly cracked eggs? How are your eggs prepared? Do you use powdered eggs? How do you make the egg on the Egg McMuffin round? Are the eggs used for breakfast microwaved or grilled before served? Is the Egg White Delight actually healthy? Why don’t you serve breakfast all day?

Margot vs Lily Trailer By NikeWomen

A fitness-obsessed YouTube celeb and her exercise-allergic sister make a bet on New Year’s Eve, and it’s game ON. Can't get enough Margot vs Lily? Check out, where you can: – Catch the latest episodes – Shop Margot and Lily's looks – Download their latest workout – Get the advice you need to get #betterforit

Work/Life Balance (Seriously Distracted)

WATCH MORE Seriously Distracted: SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: Cast & Credits Starring Paige: Greta Lee Director: Tim Bierbaum Writer: Celeste Ballard Producer: Ashley Bearden Production Supervisor: Sara Webster Production Coordinator: Kayla Nadel-LaMotta 1st Assistant Director: Inna Braude 2nd Assistant Director: Andreas Villaggio Director of Photography: Austin Schmidt Camera B Operator: Matt Klammer Camera A 1st Assistant Camera: Marcos Herrera Camera B 1st Assistant Camera: Jason Raswant 2nd Assistant Camera: Dom Galeano Editor: Charlie Porter Assistant Editor: Sean McIlraith Media Manager: Simon Wolfe Graphics: Tim Bierbaum Script Supervisor: Claire Fowler Gaffer: Alex Crowe Key Grip: Joe Wannemacher Best Boy Electrics: Andrew Gritzke & Rob Fattorini Best Boy Grip: Mark Solomon Sound Mixer: Patrick Southern Boom Operators: Tom Tierney & Brian Joseph Production Designer: Vanessa Riegel Prop Master: Jessie Gagliano Art Production Assistant: Gavin Riegel Costume Designer: Stephanie Alexander Wardrobe Supervisor: Eric Miller Wardrobe Assistant: JP Groth Hair Stylist: Tanja Hudson Make-up Artist: Asie Mohtarez Casting Director: Cody Beke Assistant Casting Director: Seth White Extras Casting Director: Mat McHugh Craft Services: Jason Kelley Production Assistants: Adam Keleman, Elliot Isaac, & Benjamin Baldwin ====

Capturing the Networked Society - Case 27 @tunameltsmyheart

Explore the journey With the rise of the Internet came a new wave of celebrity, sometimes called a cyberstar. Connectivity gives an enormous platform to reach audiences all around the world. One such star is a Chihuahua and Dachshund crossbreed named Tuna. This film is part of a global Ericsson project where we have traveled to over 25 different countries in order to find the real-life change-makers who are transforming our world through mobility. The project serves as both a study and a celebration: a study on how connectivity has reshaped the ways in which we communicate, collaborate and innovate, as well as a celebration of pioneers who introduced new applications of technology to transform our businesses, industries and society at large.