Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support: Introducing Respond by Buffer

by Kevan Lee
As social media has evolved, our use of social networks has changed: We’ve found new ways to use Twitter, Facebook, and more to share, to communicate, to talk about our favorite things. We engage more than ever with brands and businesses – brands and business like you and yours! At Buffer, we’ve been fortunate to have a front row seat to watch this evolution of social media f ...Read the full article

Introducing Respond by Buffer: Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support on Twitter

Customer service is near and dear to us at Buffer, and we'd love to make great customer service possible for all! Be among the first to try our brand new customer service tool, Respond. We’ve been using Respond every day to support our Twitter community and to join in nearly 300 conversations every day on social. And we’re so grateful to count among the Respond community some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley like Slack, WordPress, Product Hunt, and Stripe who have helped us shape the product into an outstanding Twitter support tool. With Respond, we're so eager to have you experience a social-first approach to customer support — featuring a real-time inbox of mentions and keywords with an intuitive, team-centered approach to seamlessly taking care of every customer and conversation. Here're just a few of the social-first tools in Respond at launch: - Real-time tweet inbox - Custom searches - Team collaboration: Signatures, double-reply prevention, assign conversations Check out Buffer for super simple social media scheduling and analytics: Subscribe here so you don’t miss our future videos (it's free!) - Ask us any questions on social media or here in the comments. We’d love to answer them! Follow us in these places: Twitter - Facebook - Google+ - Instagram -