Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: February 26, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Google AMP Live, AdWords Remove Ads, Compare Going Away & Paid Links - This week in search, we had Google go live with the AMP pages in the mobile search results this Tuesday. Google said that AMP is not yet a ranking signal. Google is sending AMP error alerts in the Search Console. Google has removed AdWords ads on the right side, this is big news. Google Compare is going offline on March 23rd. Google has no update for us on when Penguin 4.0 will launch. Google Panda is continuously updating but they do prep updates for it, interesting, no? Google review stars are now back in the results, it was a bug. Google does not have an SEO partner program, we confirmed it. Google Chrome was caught buying a link for $350,000. They ended up no following it and even said, if the intent is non manipulative, they still may discount the link. A study says outbound links are a ranking signal, but Google says otherwise. Google refreshes their PDF index slower. Google explained why the Search Console reports are delayed. Google featured snippets are not broken out in those reports. Google internal index for mobile apps updated in February, twice. Google sent out social engineering warnings via the Search Console. Google may have changed the pure spam notification to “major spam problems.” That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google AMP Goes Live Now : Google: AMP Not A Ranking Signal Yet : Google Sends Notices To Fix Errors On Your AMP Pages : Google Confirms Four Ads At The Top & Removing Right Side Ads : Google To Close Google Compare On March 23rd After 4+ Years : Google: No Announcement Dates On Penguin 4.0 Launch : Google Panda Continuous Update But Gets Prepared Between Roll Outs? : Review Stars Returning To Google Search Results : Google: No, We Don't Have An SEO Partner Program : Google Chrome Caught Buying Paid Links For $350,000? : Google's Chrome Link Was Nofollowed & Discounted : Study Says Outbound Links Helps Google Rankings, Despite What Google Says : Google Indexes PDF Documents But Refreshes Them Slowly : Google Explains Why The Search Console Reporting Is Not Real Time : Google: Features Snippets Not Counted Separately In Search Console Reports : Google Data Change: Internal Index Updates For Mobile Apps Only : Social Engineering Content Detected Google Search Console Notifications : Google Major Spam Problems Notification Replaces Pure Spam Notification :

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