Google Analytics Certified in 2016 – Is This Your Year?

by Jeff Sauer
Is this the year that you master Google Analytics? Tl;dr: I put my heart and soul into an online Google Analytics Certification Course. If you sign up by the end of this week, you will get our best price at $197. Price goes up to $297 on March 5th, 2016. Get Analytics Course for $197! Over the past 6 years, I have taught Google Analytics training courses to over 1,000 students.Read the full article

Web Analytics Technology - Beginner Google Analytics Course

Understanding Web Analytics Technology The growth in analytics is recent. There has been a huge increase in our ability to collect data, starting with the 21st century. Defining Analytics Analytics is Turning Data into Information and Ultimately Knowledge * Analytics is NOT Statistics * Analytics is NOT Data * Analytics is NOT Reporting * Analytics Should NOT be Scary Web Analytics Used to be Log Files, but then we moved to JavaScript. JavaScript is a ”Client Side” Language. Client Side simply means it lives in your browser. The key gain from JavaScript is tracking visitors and not just hits. JavaScript trackers used to be expensive (over $100k), but guess what happened? Google Analytics Happened! Google Analytics democratized the data and brought analytics to the masses. Make sure to watch the video to understand how Web Analytics Works. * JavaScript makes modern web analytics possible * Wide adoption of analytics is a recent phenomenon * It is all about taking data and turning it into knowledge * Web Analytics has several layers to consider