‘How Snapchat Built a Business by Confusing Olds’ and 4 Other Stories You Should Read

Here’s what you missed while you spent the week lamenting the end of Downton Abbey… The American Scholar: Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie Selected by Carly Miller, editorial intern As a member of the very last generation to experience life without the Internet, this American Scholar cover article struck a chord.Read the full article

  • How SB Nation Published Their Daniel Holtzclaw Story

    deadspin.com - 22 readers - Last week, Vox Media’s SB Nation published “Who Is Daniel Holtzclaw?”, a 12,000-word profile of a 29-year-old former Oklahoma City police officer who this winter was tried for raping 13 black women while on duty; convicted on 18 of 36 charges of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and burglary; and sentenced to 263 years in prison. The s...

  • How Snapchat Built a Business By Confusing Olds

    bloomberg.com - 24 readers - Advertisers are scrambling for the $16 billion social network's young users. But will it end up being a fad?