Meet The Brands Who Broke Into the Mainstream with YouTube

Launched in 2005, YouTube has evolved from a simple clip site into a social-media powerhouse in just under a decade. And wherever billions of users congregate, you can bet your bottom dollar marketers aren’t far behind. We know that the big boys are now leveraging YouTube’s popularity to maximize brand engagement. Nike, for example, has had many wildly successful YouTube campaigns.Read the full article

GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke. Music Dexter Britain "Perfect Moment" Original video here:

How To Tie a Headscarf: The Bow Topper

( You've seen them on the runways and you've admired them in street style - retro-inspired turbans and twisted headbands are today's savviest style statements. In this DIY video, Blog Writer Erin and Fashion Writer Annie demonstrate just how simple it is to achieve those looks on your own!

LSTN Headphones - Giving Back. Amplified.

For every pair of headphones sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Giving Back. Amplified. Video was shot in Piura and Chiclayo, Peru in September of 2013 where LSTN and Starkey helped restore hearing to 10,000 people. Find out more at Video copyright Max Fronek - Music used with permission from Ivan & Alyosha

T-Rex, ROK Blocks Snack Time! Look out for the Megasaurus! Teaching kids to make things that do things: these easy to use, self-aligning, 3-demensional blocks allow even your youngest learners the opportunity to jump into building. But you'd be silly to think older children and adults won't enjoy the limitless opportunities for fun creative building too. ROK Blocks stimulate your child's imagination. From airplanes to semi trucks, fighter jets to dinosaurs, ROK Blocks allow kids to hone hand eye coordination, problem solving, and gives them a sense of achievement and pride of accomplishment. Playing with good construction toys, like ROK Blocks, boast significant developmental benefits that accelerate learning and prepare your child for obstacles they'll meet head on in school. Get started with ROK Blocks today and invest in your child's future because Rokenbok is playtime well spent. Young children's hands are not very strong or well coordinated, so a really good interlocking building block has to be self aligning. Get two ROK Blocks even close together, and their funny shaped cones guide them into alignment. A little squeeze, and the building blocks snap together. A stacking block won't hold a child's attention for long if they can't make something fun to play with. ROK Blocks are made in a unique, patent pending way that allows them to stack Small Parts Icon both up and out in three dimensions. They assemble in thousands more combinations than traditional building blocks. This makes it easy to build fun models like trucks, cars, houses, planes and helicopters. ROK Blocks are compatible with all other Rokenbok sets and can be used in your child's most advanced Rokenbok creation ten years from now.