Why Google Direct Answers Can Drive Traffic to Your Site

by Mark Traphagen
When Google started scraping answers from web pages and displaying them directly on the search results page for relevant queries, webmasters panicked. “Google is stealing our traffic!” they complained. But as it turns out, in many cases a direct answer that comes from your site can actually be a boon to your site traffic, putting your link in a new “position zero” on the page.Read the full article

Here's Why Google Direct Answers Can Be Good For Site Traffic

Sometimes when Google answers a question directly on its results page, that's a full stop for the user. But it doesn't have to be. Stay with us to learn how Google answer boxes can actually be a driver, not a blocker, of great web traffic for your site! Links Mentioned: The Definitive Guide to Rich Answers in Search: https://www.stonetemple.com/rich-answers-in-search Can a Google Rich Answer Drive Significant Traffic? http://stonet.co/direct-answer-traffic Complete archive of all Here's Why episodes: http://stonet.co/HeresWhyArchive