Jump! A Fun App to Show the Path for Math

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
If you’re a fan of fun ways to learn, then you’re probably a fan of educational apps. Jump! A Game of Numbers is a brand new app that helps children learn math skills in an entertaining and engaging story. Unlike some other math apps that rely on memorization of math facts, Jump! shows math in the context of a story, helping children understand the purpose of their calculations.Read the full article

Jump! A Game of Numbers

A game of simple addition…or is it? Fun for kids and adults (ages 6 and up) Can you count up by 2s? Or 3s? How about 12s? The adaptive game engine adjusts the difficulty for each player so the challenge is just right. The Snortles lived happily in their favorite volcano until the day it popped! Now they’re scattered and floating in the sea. Jump from one number to the next in a sequence, saving the little Snortles as you go. Squish numbers together to make the next number on your path. Watch out for Stompers and fuses or they'll send your Snortles flying! Available for iPad and iPhone on the App Store http://artgigapps.com/apps/jump