Why You Need Technology to Find the Right Creative Talent

Marketers often adopt buzzwords to justify their strategies. “Let’s publish more snackable content, Larry.” “I want to be sure not to newsjack, Sandra.” “Penelope, let’s talk bottom funnel next meeting.” The specialization of marketing terms, we’ve found, is an epidemic. But there’s one buzzword that probably doesn’t get enough burn: talent.Read the full article

  • CenturyLinkVoice: Why CIOs Should Be Happy About Shadow IT

    forbes.com - 25 readers - Shadow IT is a growing menace—an insidious covert activity undermining a CIO's ability to run an efficient, safe and coordinated IT department. It's also may be the best thing that ever happened to a CIO. The rampant use of business-oriented applications in the cloud by employees to increase their efficiency and productivity [...]