Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: March 11, 2016

by Barry Schwartz

Google PageRank Dead, RankBrain Confuses & The Google Dance / - This week in search, I published the monthly Google Webmaster Report. Google has officially killed off Toolbar PageRank finally. Google’s Paul Haahr said he doesn’t fully understand RankBrain. Google might expand the app install interstitial penalty to more forms. A Google Penguin penalty cannot be fixed by Google manually. Google is testing animated GIFs in the search results through local business cards. Google won’t give you the technical secrets to rank well because you’ll abuse it and they will remove it. Google reminds us not to remove authorship from our pages. Google tested for years swapping position 2 and 4. Google does entities discovery in the first part of their query analysis. Google is migrating their blogs from to, which is massive. Google updated their stance JavaScript and progressive web apps. Google App Indexing API to get bitcode support in iOS and a energy bug fix. Google may expand the Search Console to show if your pages rank in featured snippets, AMP, etc. Google has technical advice on AMP errors in the Search Console. Google News carousel on mobile gets a toggle feature. Google AdWords tests a scrollable product listing ads carousel. Google AdWords now with automated scheduled uploads. Google expands their destinations feature for vacation planning. Google Analytics fixes their referrer spam issue. Finally, the Google Dance was a blast but way more important than just a simple event. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. March 2016 Google Webmaster Report : Google Really Kills Off Toolbar PageRank - Good Riddance : Google's Paul Haahr: We Don't Fully Understand RankBrain : Google May Expand App Install Interstitial Penalty To Sneaky & Deceptive Alternatives : Google: A Penguin Site Cannot Be Fixed By Google Manually : Test: Google Local Business Cards With Animated GIFs In Search Results : Google: Why Google Doesn't Go Over Every Ranking Factor For Webmasters : Google Repeats: Don't Remove Authorship Markup From Your Pages : Google Pre-2005 Use To Test Swapping Position 2 & 4 For Years : Google's First Part Of Query Analysis Is Entities Discovery : Google Doing Massive Site Migration Of Blogs From Blogspot To GoogleBlog URL : Google Gives Update On Crawling JavaScript Sites & Progressive Web Apps : Google App Indexing API To Get Bitcode Support & Fixes Energy Sucking Bug On iOS : Coming: Google Search Console May Split Out Where Your Page Showed In The Search Results : Google Offers Help On Resolving AMP Errors In Search Console : Google News Carousel Gets Category Toggle : Google AdWords Testing Scrollable Product Listing Ads : Google AdWords Automatic Scheduled Uploads : Google Travel Search Now Shows Pricing For Your Whole Vacation: Google Analytics Referrer Spam Issue Decreasing? : The Google Dance Was About Webmaster Relations :

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