Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards

by Ann Smarty
Youtube video end cards are custom created templates made clickable with help of Youtube annotations. The simplest way to explain how to create a video end card is: Grab a free template below Customize it in Photoshop (Or use an online editor) Use your video editor to add the customized template as part of your video* (at the end) Upload the video to Youtube Make th ...Read the full article

How to Make a End Card/Video Outro | Mac - iMovie

*Check.Me.Out* Here is another quick tip for new Youtubers on how to make a video outro. You can do this way of making an outré with any software that has the option to do Picture In Picture. The easiest way I have found is with using PicMonkey for my layout. If your software does not have picture in picture, then while you are in pic monkey just add a screen shot of your latest video in the layout. If you need me to show you in another tutorial late me know. Check out my video on how to add a spotlight link I use imove as my software -------------------------------------------------------- Have you entered my giveaway? -------------------------------------------------------- Check out some of my last videos How to Depot your eyeshadows: How I cut/trim my hair: How I Ombre my hair: How I clean my brushes: --------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a new YouTuber? Check out my latest tips to help get started! How to share files for Collaborations: How to Create Channel Art, Add a WaterMark and how to feature a video on your Channel Mac Users - How to record your screen -------------------------------------------------------------- Connect With Me Instagram - Twitter -- Facebook -- My Website -- -------------------------------------------------------------- You should join the 10,000 subscriber project. It's basically a community I'm a part of where small youtubers support other small youtubers. All you have to do is go to ------------------------------------------------------------- Camera used -- Canon Rebel T3i Editing program -- imovie Music -- britney spears work bitch - martin garrix --------------------------------------------------------------

How To Make Your Own YouTube End Card Template Using Pixlr com

How To Make Your Own YouTube End Card Template Using Pixlr com. YouTube usually shows default related videos at the end of your video but what if you want to direct viewers to your own videos at the end of your video? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive more Video Tutorials every week Adding an end card template to each of your videos increases watch time because it keeps viewers engaged with your own video content. Here are the steps to make your own end card template using Go to Select the pixlr editor Click "launch web app" Click "create new image" From the drop down box select "movie 1080p" Click OK Now we want to add a a few more layers Let's choose a different background color Click on the drawing tool Click on the color picker We'll select red Click ok Click the paint bucket in the middle Now I've got a red background color Let's make a new layer - go up to layer-new layer Click the drawing tool Here's a large rectangle for the main video If we want to move it around just click the move tool We can move this around wherever we like Let's select another layer Layer-new layer Click drawing tool again Make a small rectangle here for one of the related videos You can also move this layer around wherever we like Now we do the same for the next 2 related videos Layer-new layer-drawing tool Second related video layer-new layer The third related video is layer 4 And we can move that around whereever we like Let's create a subscribe button in this blank space Go to layer-new layer Click drawing tool We going to select the rounded rectangle tool Let's make that a different color Click on the color picker let's go to orange click ok Click the paint bucket click here in the middle Here we have a rounded orange rectangle Let's add subscribe to the box Click "A" Click in the center of the box We've got subscribe text We are going to enlarge that a bit Change the color..let's change it to white, bold it, center it, make it a little bigger Click ok Now we've completed our end card image. You can move any of these boxes around by clicking on the layers. For instance if we want to move layer 4, go to the move tool To save our image click file-save give it a name. We'll call this "end card" You can save this as a jpeg, png, bmp, tiff or pxd which is the layered pixlr image. I'd save as pxd initally so you'd have the layered pixlr image if you want to change it in the future In this case we're going to save it as JPEG Click OK Save it to the desktop Make sure you watch the next video below to learn how to add your end card template to Screenflow video editing software ******************** Share this video How To Make A YouTube End Card To Increase Viewer Engagement and Subscribers Related Videos How To Make A YouTube End Card Using ScreenFlow How To Make A Subscribe Button On YouTube Using Annotations How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube Fast Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get more Video Tutorials

Free Photoshop Outro/End Card Template (SPEED ART)

I have a new FREE Photoshop Outro/End Card for you guys today! Leave a thumbs up if liked it or will be downloading it! I let you use this for free all I ask in return is that you put my YouTube link in your video description. Thanks! PayPal Donations are Welcome and Appreciated! Get Partnered: PrismGamingUK: PGUKNetwork: Keep up to date: Twitter: Google-plus: DOWNLOAD LINK: Song: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Please feel free to leave me a notice if You find this upload inappropriate. Contact me personally if You are against an upload which You may have rights to the music, instead of contacting YouTube about a Copyright Infringement. Thank You.

Free End Card Template! (Photoshop) made by PixelPunk!

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