EntrepreneurFix Q&A: All About Starting Out, Inspirations, & Re-Investing

The other day I posted that I am going to be participating in a Questions and Answers for my buddy Oliver Kenyon via EntrepreneurFix. I answered some of his forums member’s questions and decided to also post a video of it, transcribe! Enjoy! Whats going on guys, Ian Fernando here from IanFernando.com and I am ready to answer your question on Entrepreneur Fix.Read the full article

Questions and Answers about Entrepreneurship - March 14th-18th

I answered forum members questions at EntrepreneurFix and decided to do a video version of it as well with more in-depth answers. http://ianfernando.com http://fb.me/ianternetmedia Ask Away: http://entrepreneurfix.com/forums/entrepreneurexpertweek/