How to Boost Your Business and Productivity Using Gmail With Hiver

by Erik Emanuelli
Are you using Gmail for managing your business contacts and connections? Do you need an app to supercharge your Gmail? In this post I’m going to talk about Hiver, an application that offers everything you need to boost productivity and improve your business with Gmail. How Hiver Works Hiver (previously known as GrexIt) is a simple but powerful tool that, in association with ...Read the full article

Share your Gmail Labels and collaborate right from Gmail - GrexIt

Love Gmail™? Now share your Gmail™ labels with your team mates, and do task management, customer support and sales lead management right from Gmail. Shared labels and notes turn your Gmail™ into a collaboration tool. With GrexIt, you can - Share Gmail™ Labels for quick, agile collaboration - Manage Tasks and Projects from your email inbox - Create a shared mailbox of important emails - Write shared notes on emails GrexIt is also great to mimic Microsoft Exchange Public/Shared Folders.