I am not a Number: How to Bring Stats and Information to Life

by Jonathan Crossfield
It’s a powerful ad, one that I think identifies and corrects the mistake most road safety ads make. Usually we’re presented with statistics and horrific dramatisations of accidents or their aftermath. And on the surface that might seem a sound tactic; they’re telling stories, after all. And stories are more effective in getting a message across, as we know.Read the full article

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http://www.towardszero.vic.gov.au - At the heart of Towards Zero is the belief that human health is paramount to all else. It acknowledges that, as people, we all make mistakes. However, when mistakes happen on our roads they can cost us our lives or cause serious injury. That's because our bodies aren't made to absorb the forces of high impact speeds. We are fragile, and there's only so much physical force we can withstand and this is why we need to build a safer road system. Improving the safety of our roads, our speeds, our vehicles and our people will improve safety for everyone. The move Towards Zero is a collaborative effort between everyone in the community. Together, we can build a safer road system and help change road safety for the better. Transport Accident Commission Victoria. http://www.tac.vic.gov.au ====================== "Copyright in the material on this website is owned by the TAC and may only be used for non-commercial personal or educational purposes. You may not modify, transmit or revise the contents of this website without the prior written permission of the TAC." Comments may not be published if they do not add to the discussion, are offensive, repetitious, illegal or meaningless, contain clear errors of fact or are in poor taste.